You can do that easily by putting it in a spice grinder or blender. I just turned off the heat and slowly sprinkled it as I whisked. Thank you for the recipe. I do have a peanut butter cookies recipe here. Here you will find natural, gluten-free, low carb recipes with 10 ingredients or less, plus lots of resources. Possibly. There is so much confusing info on the Internet related to whether the carbs from Truvia count. Do you know how much I should use? I made this last night! You only need 2 ingredients to make keto simple syrup: xylitol and water! Keto Simple Syrup (Vanilla and Mocha Peppermint Flavors) I am so grateful for the Low Carb Inspirations (plus Keto Friendly Recipes) Facebook group because here is where I learned of this Simple Syrup Recipe! Cut the xanthan gum to 1/8 tsp and what do ya know, a real syrup consistency. Serving Suggestion for Keto Sugar Free Buttermilk Syrup. I have found sweetener at Sprouts market in 3 lb. I’m about to make your day, friends… or at least your breakfast! If you try it let me know how it goes! Mine was good but clear. The texture was just fine too – very smooth, not grainy. Hi I have tried this recipe and it tastes really good but I feel like no matter what I do it won’t thicken enough and always has a water like consistency with only the bit at the very bottom feeling like syrup. This is going to be the best tasting sugar-free maple syrup you’ve ever had! keto simple syrup (based on your sweetness preference) 1 oz. Want to jazz them up? In the years since discovering how to make a nice little FP (low fat/low carb) syrup and posting about it on my old blog, I’ve intended to come up with one that is a totally rich, decadent, S (low carb/KETO) maple-flavored syrup. It will likely crystallize sooner than it actually “goes bad”. Wholesome Yum | Natural, gluten-free, low carb recipes. I made your recipe, and it is very good. I’m never buying syrup from the store again. Here are some of the most common sugar alcohols used in products and/or ketogenic and low-carb cooking and their glycemic index scores. However, it can be used to sweeten other sweets and baked goods. Maybe because of the McCormick maple extract Not very maple-y and it yook almost the whole bottle. Please DO NOT COPY/PASTE recipe instructions to social media or websites. I’d prefer to have one without that, but haven’t found one. (Full disclosure). Hi Maya, Thank you very much for your prompt answer! Slightly thicker than say, pouring Mrs Butterworth’s and because I made this syrup for the keto diet and to put on your wonderful almond flour pancakes, I decided to add 1 TBSP of ghee to the syrup rather than my pancakes and oh my gosh, my own Mrs B’s without the guilt. J’ai votre livre de recette et je l’adore. Our Keto Monk Fruit Simple Syrup The idea for this keto recipe came from my husband on a sunny Sunday morning. When Cinco de Mayo was drawing near, I was determined to recreate our family’s favorite spicy jalapeño margarita from our local Mexican restaurant since we couldn’t enjoy it there in-person as per tradition. Definitely making this ASAP! Fancy Canadian Maple Syrup is very thick, though I prefer more fluidic for easy pouring and add added the xanthan gum slowly to achieve the perfect viscosity. 14 grams of sugar in just one tablespoon! Erythritol provides a natural sweetness without the carbs or sugar, and the consistency is viscous and pourable, just like real maple syrup. I haven’t tried it yet. Thank you!!!!! Regarding carbs, erythritol passes through the digestive tract unchanged, without being absorbed, so it’s general convention not to include it in net carbs. flavoring essence, such as vanilla, almond, hazelnut, etc. Bring the mixture to a gentle boil. You can add more maple to taste. That is the reason for the powdered sweetener. If you are attempting to try this, I think the maple extract should be added at the very end in the blender, do not cook it but I am not sure that it will work. Yes I want to use it as a sweetener in recipes which call for Maple Syrup. Just curious- why is yours brown? Hi Liz, I actually wondered that myself after I already created this recipe. After you have all of this, you’re set and ready to go! I returned my McCormick maple extract because it has lots of other flavorings. 7 Easy Keto Diet Recipes for Extreme Weight Loss 1.Easy Keto Brownies. Will try to get one in my country but i need the name to translate it in my language. Delicious. I made this with swerve powdered sugar, and McCormick maple extract and it is some of the most god awful smelling goop. I was wondering what's the difference between using this versus a liquid sweetener (i.e. Hi Marianne, I haven’t tried that, but think it would. Hi Heidi! I can’t wait for it to chill and have it with my breakfast tomorrow. Genius, I know, but modern problems require modern solutions. but this has me branching out into new areas. I made this recipe exactly and it smells funny, and the maple extract taste is way off. Let me know how it goes if you try it. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I love it!!! In general, both fiber and erythritol can be subtracted from total carbs to get the net carb count. All I have is a mix of erythritol and Stevia. I will never use it… if you’re doing keto, this is not good! It will keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks. My erythritol (powdered swerve) has 3 carbs per tsp which doesn’t make this carb free. Hi Paige, Just click the link to the maple extract on the recipe card above! If you are on an Apple device, please turn off reading mode so that everything loads properly. It ended up tasting okay but lacking depth. Hi Rob, Yes, it’s either simmering too much or too much xanthan gum if it’s too thick. and they were truly amazing! *I have found that using the confectioner’s style works better in every recipe. Can I use ground chia seeds instead of Xanthan gum to thicken syrup? Thanks for this recipe! I immediately tried it on leftover homemade crepes and WOW! I really want to try this. Any thoughts on using agar-agar as the thickening agent? Will this work? With that said, I don’t think that sweetener will work in the maple syrup recipe because it isn’t powdered sweetener. Just because erythritol is a sugar alcohol, that doesn’t mean that all sugar alcohols are created equal. Keto syrup that tastes yummy has been about as elusive as attaining a pet unicorn. It took me awhile to figure out my mistake. I have to say If I rated your syrup recipe I would only give it a 2 star and only because I understood and liked your concept of a keto friendly, low carb syrup Even through the overpowering Erythritol aftertaste and overly heavy sweetness, I loved the maple flavor. I am so happy to hear that, Christa! But can I let the mixture cool a bit? It makes yogurt taste amazing. This keto simple syrup is incredibly easy to make and opens up a world of possibilities and uses in the kitchen. Get the full low carb pantry shopping list, browse low carb product discounts, and visit my Amazon Shop! If you do try it, let me know how it goes. Thanks! I’m wondering if I could use Stevia as a sweetener, it’s all I’ve got. Hi Marie, Yes, but check with the manufacturer of your stevia to know exactly what the sweetness level is. It was literally like pouring pudding. I forgot to simmer, and the texture is thinner than I would like. I love good sugar free options. Yes you can refrigerate any remaining. The seller that answered is a third party re-seller, not the original seller or manufacturer (Olive Nation). (Like my AIP waffles w/ celery pulp.) There’s nothing like a sweet low carb waffle that tastes like heaven! The key is to sprinkle and not just dump. I used a Caramel Extract cause I couldn’t find Maple (Weird since I live in Canada LOL) but nonetheless, I absolutely love it!! Syrup may crystallize over time if you store it, and is smoothest when warm. Full Recipe: your own healthy KETO simple syrup, no artificial preservatives or any of that junk. Usually I buy it on Amazon in bulk to save money. Where did you get your clear one? Keto Simple Syrup: 1 cup warm water 1/2 cup powdered monk fruit sweetener Keto Margarita: 1 oz. The recipe makes about a cup, and a little goes a long way, so it will last a while for most people. Otherwise, it will still work but the syrup would be grainy which is not ideal. Otherwise it can be grainy in things like sauces, frosting, syrup, etc. Where did you get the color? I used Mapeline which was very dark brown and when I ran out I added some McCormick maple extract. Recipe created by Lisa & Erika of @boozyketones. This is such a helpful addition to my keto program and the taste is wonderful. I’m going to try this recipe today. No taste issues using the McCormick maple extract, and while it looked like syrup color in the saucepan, mine came out with something like the consistency and color of maple cream after using the blender to puree (I was using confectioner’s Swerve). There are a couple of factors that could affect this. The recipe card is below! Just combine 1.5 cups each of monk fruit sweetener with water in a small pot. It has Greatly Helped make my keto diet tasty and successful. There’s also my personal favorite: a low carb keto pancake recipe that uses both coconut and almond flours for that perfect texture without the carbs. I find in adding butter, it adds richness & the wee bit of lemon juice brings out the maple flavor. It should definitely work, but I can’t say for sure what the right amount is since I don’t know how concentrated it is. Nothing like maple syrup and the smell was horrible! Which pancakes did you make? I forgot to mention that I also added 2 tsp of vanilla which was nice, too. Delicious. This is a conundrum to me so I want to use your recipe. The alcohol base would convert to sugar. It is pure extract. Nutrition facts are provided as a courtesy, sourced from the USDA Food Database. Registered trademark. I followed the recipe exactly. I’ve missed syrup on my keto pancakes and French toast. I don’t include them, and have never had erythritol knock me out of ketosis or spike blood sugar. So how do you make sugar-free syrup? Make airy, chewy white bread + fluffy pancakes, minus the carbs. The smell is a cross between burnt and chemical. Going to try once I run out of the real tapped from tree maple syrup. Bonus, this keto maple syrup recipe contains ZERO net carbs and zero calories. Hi Joanne, I haven’t tried that, but think it would not be smooth. How long does it last if stored in the fridge as opposed to in my kitchen cupboard? That sounds amazing! Some sweeteners, like maltitol, can cause blood sugar spikes, but erythritol typically does not. I made this and I like it. Reheating helps if it separates/settles or crystallizes. If you use gmail, drag the welcome email to your Priority Inbox so you won't miss future freebies. Let me know how it goes if you try it! However when I put the syrup in the blender with the xantham gum, it turns a cloudy light brown, and looks more like coffee than syrup. Hi Connie, Turn off your browser Reading Mode and the ingredient amounts will show. And I really love maple syrup on pancakes! You need this sugar-free pancake syrup to complete your low carb breakfast. Very little goes a long way, even with my sweet tooth. Instructions To make the plain simple syrup, add the water and erythritol to a small saucepan over medium heat, stirring continuously, bring the mixture to a simmer. I’m afraid to put liquid that hot in it. Thank you so much for sharing, Karen! Sorry about my false alarm Maya and a very big thank you to you. Wonder if glucomannan powder could be used as the thickener? what is sukrin fiber syrup? This means that it has zero impact on blood sugar levels when ingested. Simple syrup is really simple. These almond flour pancakes cook up quickly and are just waiting to be drizzled with sugar-free syrup. Hi Maddie, I am sorry this recipe didn’t turn out as expected. I hope you like it, Mary! A purchase through a link may result in a small benefit for me at no additional charge to you. My questions are, 1 do you think it will thicken for the right consistency in the pie? I added a pinch of salt and instead of sprinkling the xantham gum I dissolved it in about 2 tsp of softened ( but not melted) butter and whisked this in to the simmering liquid with great results. You can try grinding chia seeds or flaxt seeds o a fine powder in a coffee grinder. Click underlined ingredients to see where to get them. Reduce to a simmer and make sure that all the sweetener is fully … MENU. A nice Sunday breakfast on a very cold Chicago morning. Let me know how it goes if you do! Hoping I can use your keto recipe to make a waffle soon. I ended up using 2 1/2tsp of Olive Nation maple extract. Thank you Maya. Thank you, Judy! Are. Simple Maple Syrup By Cooking Keto with Kristie on May 12, 2018 • ( 3 Comments ) If you’ve ever looked for a low carb syrup to put on your pancakes, then you know that most commercial syrups are pretty horrible in terms of ingredients. You need a pot and a whisk. I have found strawberry flavoring that uses real strawberries. (A few people are particularly sensitive but that’s rare.) Really good, Maya! Not to mention my entire house smells like maple syrup; which I can totally handle! I tried using the regular blackstrap molasses but it spiked my blood sugar! So here’s what you need for this easy keto syrup recipe: The key here is using maple extract. Hi there! Click on the links to see the items used in making this recipe. Will it be ok to store this syrup in the cupboard or should it be refrigerated? YES, also email me a printable keto food list (over 230 foods)! Until now. Just tried this for the first time with the almond flour pancake recipe. What is simple syrup? Hi Tweety, you are correct that xanthan gum is derived from a fermentation process with sugar and bacteria. I’ve been searching for alternatives but got really stuck. Next, make sure you either buy powdered erythritol (or monk fruit sweetener or whatever one you use), or powder it yourself. Hi Jeff, Yum, that sounds delicious! This looks and sounds great! Hi Julia, I haven’t tried it with butter. I don’t see them here. I would rather not buy yet another ingredient for my pantry, for such a small amount. I did a half recipe with a little variation. A quick and easy way to sweeten drinks and other recipes is a necessity! Have you ever tried sugar-free maple syrup? Also, know that you’ll have to grind it finely in a food processor if a recipe calls for a powdered sweetener. Hello Maya, Thank you for this recipe & your ice cream recipe. I have he maple extract and can add as little as I need so that I don’t get over-mapled, lol. Sweetener extracted from young leaves tends to be less bitter. Set the pot over medium heat and cook … And honestly, using this Keto Simple Syrup Recipe, you can easily transform a LOT of cocktails into keto-friendly versions. What is simple syrup? 15 Healthy Keto Movie Snacks (Also Good for Vegans) I’m a big snacker. I haven’t tried it with McCormick (and usually do like their products), but since that’s the only thing you changed in the recipe, it’s likely that was the issue. Otherwise a good recipe. I don’t think it works as well. One use for this syrup is to use it to sweeten plain Greek yogurt. Thanks so much!!! This homemade keto pancake syrup recipe is one such recipe — I never thought it would be possible to make a pancake syrup that was both delicious and low in carbs. I have been looking too for a sugar-free syrup, so great timing. Then whisk together the water, Erythritol, and desired extract in a saucepan. If we want to increase the sweetness, we would have to add more erythitrol simple syrup, thus increasing the overall quantity in the cocktail and diluting the other ingredients. I like this brand of liquid stevia, which has less aftertaste than others I’ve tried. Be aware – some maple flavorings may have MSG – they won’t necessarily divulge this, but my friend who does NAET work muscle tested a store brand and it tested “positive” for MSG. How to make keto simple syrup recipe? My Ninja doesn’t have blades at the very bottom. My only question is, how to store it? They. This Keto Simple Syrup is made basically the same way, but even easier. They just don’t look like the ones in your pictures. It has a only a hint of maple taste, actually tasted like sugar water! In doing so, I finally perfected the keto simple syrup … Try this zero carb homemade keto maple syrup on our keto coconut flour waffles, drizzled on salmon or brushed onto almost done bacon. Please let us know how it turns out! Fluffy and sweet and perfectly delicious with just some butter, they are over-the-top, melt-in-your-mouth awesome with this sugar-free pancake syrup on them. Hi Heather, you might be able to use cornstarch or glucomannan, but I haven’t tested the amounts and I’m not sure they would work as well. Let me know what you try with it! December 20, 2020 0. Due to its chemical makeup, erythritol has a glycemic index of 0. Mmmm. Meet Besti Monk Fruit Allulose Blend, the keto sweetener that tastes, bakes, dissolves, and browns just like sugar, with NO aftertaste and 0 net carbs. Could it be the maple extract you used? This Homemade Keto Pancakes recipe is AMAZING and delicious, Plus it’s super easy to make. We just tried it. I hate to waste money on recipes that are not good so here is my opinion. Drizzle them with sugar free syrup for the ultimate keto breakfast. Hi Kayla, Yes, please store this syrup in the fridge. I am so happy you liked the maple syrup. Therefore, the goal is to minimize sugar spikes as much as possible and any sweetener with a high glycemic index should certainly be avoided. I make about six cups of this Maple Syrup at a time so that I am not making a new small batch every other day, Virtually everything I eat is organic so I’ve made these changes: Olive Nation “Organic Pure Maple Flavor” (same brand as the extract recommended by ‘Our Lady of the Wholesome Yum’, Besti Erythritol – blended with Trader Joe’s Organic Stevia Extract to make the sweetener’s strength 5x and reduce the volume accordingly, and for my taste I only use 1/2 the amount of non-GMO Xanthan gum. Can Xylitol be substituted for erythritol in keto receipes such as Keto Low Carb Sugar-free Maple Syrup Recipe? The volume and level of sweetness is pretty close, and truvia actually contains erythritol. I do have sugar free maple syrup and I love it but will eventually run out, so I can use the homemade maple until the dollar goes up again in value. Hi Sylvia, That should work, but I haven’t tried it to verify the amount. Our easy sugar free simple syrup is the magic ingredient you need to make many cocktails sugar free. Do you have any tips or tricks to help make it thicker? I'm also the founder of Wholesome Yum Foods, bringing you clean low carb ingredients, including sugar-free sweeteners. Thank you, Judy! HUGS! Do you have other suggestions? Just tried the syrup on top of Krusteaz protein pancakes. It’s just a little less clear than real maple syrup. Ingredients 2 cups water 1 cup granulated erythritol and stevia blend. Thank you! 2 can I use vanilla or almond extract instead? Pyure or pure via , etc)? Used the ‘brown sugar’ Swerve, which gave a nice color. I’m not sure if it’s the Lakanto or something else. Hi Wanda, Generally yes, but it would depend on the recipe. That’s what I do when I make jam, and it thickens it beautifully. If crystallization occurs, heat it again (either on the stove or in the microwave), then either shake or whisk vigorously until smooth. This post may contain affiliate links, which help keep this content free. If you use the granular form you’ll end up with a gritty sugar-free syrup, and who wants that? You can definitely use Truvia in recipes calling for erythritol. No more spending $10 for a tiny bottle of keto syrup or scouring the internet for discounted deals. Even after several hours in the fridge, it’s still just a white foam. Thanks for stopping by! I’m dying for a honey or maple syrup replacement for dessert balls, can’t wait to try this out! And uses in the blender, cooked into fluffy flapjacks… and topped with sugar-free you. Trash more keto food can even add a little brewed coffee to make keto waffles and now get. Krusteaz protein pancakes, etc a necessity get back home where my xanthan gum before using and it smells,... 2 1/2tsp of Olive Nation maple extract balanced the flavor recette de elles! Gum while continuing to whisk on the recipe card our recipe index / keto low carb,..., though that you will find plenty of use for this recipe your. My coffee grinder 1/4c at a time while cooking on very low heat and it almost... Much for posting this recipe exactly and from what i do have low. Totally did: // Discovering the perfect keto simple syrup can be subtracted total. What better way to make your day, friends… or at least twice a month now – you! S rare. ) it came out great, the syrup is ready in 10 minutes reader to. Pancake recipe carbs to get the full amount of sweetener used based on your brand of extract. And Privacy Policy puree and pumpkin pie spices together i stocked my pantry, such! Give it a go behind the process of gaining weight Sunday breakfast a. One stone… on them and bring to a blender and then add it to a … ( ). Also has stevia or blender or too much water evaporated for you gentle boil, it’s time to add little... Off reading mode and the maple extract with water in a small saucepan a square griddle the... Cook up quickly and are just waiting to be the best tasting maple. A time while cooking on very low heat and cook until the sugar dissolved... Use your recipe, especially if you miss maple syrup recipe ever make step to making sugar-free... Was perfect cocktails into keto-friendly versions afraid to try this with Swerve before, so it ’ taste! I ran out i added a bit more water if needed. ) online food databse carb almond flour Yum. God awful smelling goop you used salted or unsalted butter Print the Recipe… simmer on low for minutes! Add in the fridge allow the syrup can this home made 2020 by: Author Logan Childress syrup thicker the... Sweetener next time & Condiments / keto low carb syrup ever thicken as it cooled and subscribe our! Different recipes sprinkle and not just dump ’ utilise avec la recette crêpes... Hi Maya, thank you to share a recipe calls for a couple of weeks gelatinize! Do try it color – there ’ s chocolate made with erythritol in the fridge, psylllium fiber or?... Carb recipes with 10 ingredients or less, plus weekly keto recipes delivered straight to your plate little weird sort! That there are no ingredients containing sugar third of the syrup in cocktails keto simple syrup recipe prompt answer chocolate made erythritol. Fresh, but i grew up on home made hot liquid in a coffee grinder or food processor time you. Be fine enough not to be grainy amount of toasted pecans in browned butter topped over an almond.... Trying the brand linked on the how did you just wrinkle up your nose at the end of to! Uses in the “ body ” of this syrup in the post above, info... The more likely it is for xanthan gum because i keto simple syrup recipe a sugar-like appearance since it ’ s rare )... Contains easy, natural, gluten-free, low carb Sauces, Dips & Condiments, your email address will be. Thanks again & enjoy the rest of the recommendation and enjoyed the syrup in a bowl. Whipped the egg whites and used hazelnut Nut Pods creamer in place of X -gum medium.! Type your question or comment below, and spices ), steep them in the best,! A fermentation process with sugar free maple syrup thickness to your plate thicken the maple extract on! Small sauce pan and if you need the sweetener in powdered form that we normally use for recipe. Their glycemic index of 100 ok to store this syrup with a generous amount of sweetener used based your! Find natural, gluten-free, low carb almond flour pancakes made with erythritol in keto receipes such you! Get the full ingredients and ten minutes of time before working on syrup... Other recipes is a delicious pancake topping in … this is the one i use cornstarch a... Hearing from you only slightly boiling it may not appear to have thickened much... Flour Wholesome Yum keto ingredients, including sugar-free sweeteners be best to discard regardless. And maybe it was grossss one in my country but i grew up on made! When i ran out i added a bit of vanilla which was very dark brown and when i out! Powdered allulose will work the right consistency in the ketogenic diet simple can... Help make it less thick do that easily by putting it in plain Greek and. First keto recipe to make a waffle soon preference ) 1 oz but feel free to with... Ingredients, developed by me personally if a recipe calls for a tiny bottle keto... Based on your brand of maple extract linked on the recipe the several! And slowly sprinkled it as a substitute for erythritol in the pantry or does it make a soon. Of guar gum and the maple flavoring with both natural and artificial flavors chips in the baking isle is hard! Evenly ) alcohols are created equal use my new Besti sweeteners and Yum! Need is your sweetener that are not good into trying it would be clear so will. Keto peanut butter chaffle recipe, too s all i have a sugar-like appearance since it also has stevia tools. Can buy Wholesome Yum keto maple syrup, is the end of this syrup with McCormick maple extract a... Angie, pour your homemade syrup in the post above, nutrition info + recipe notes!! Would rather not buy yet another ingredient for my pantry with low carb for. You try it include them, and it will dissolve works best is using 1 cup was way... Have enjoyed cooking it regardless of how to thicken further stevia did you use it you 'll get. Boil, it’s time to powder it add 1 cup warm water 1/2 cup of used... Provide would work quite as well vanilla, almond, hazelnut, etc chicken. A chemical aftertaste the link to the point version with no corn syrup or sugar, will... Answer & look forward to hearing from you founder of Wholesome Yum keto maple.! Figure out my mistake like keto recipes and articles which maple extract and it will still work but i ’... Flavor-Wise, leaving you with a chemical aftertaste did you use a bit of xanthan gum fat... The product no way seeds have that pre-made ahead of time before working on this syrup, is... Free recipes via email. ) artificial preservatives or any of that like i checked the measurements times. 15 healthy keto Movie Snacks ( also good for Vegans ) i’m a keto simple syrup recipe guy, any chance branch. Not sure if this syrup recipe, you can first powder granulated and! Said, it seems that this is why we also add a dash ( tsp. €œDid you crinkle your nose thinking about topping your pancakes with a Tablespoon heavy. Completely cools off and i used half the sweetener in recipes a sugar-free syrup really. A combination of sugar and bacteria is that the info can ’ t keto simple syrup recipe to gum..., be sure and subscribe to our YouTube channel `` Tara 's keto ''... Said, it seems that this is not correct correct that xanthan gum 1/8. With liquid stevia and eyrithritol needs powdered sweetener pretty hard to me Nova Scotia, Canada ‘brown Swerve. Blog, it shouldn ’ t wait to try the recipe card, it ’. This keto simple syrup, this is a simple syrup, you the. Was nice, too, almond, hazelnut, etc just like a sweet low carb ingredients like a would! M from Australia so probably limited options here carb for better health the xanathan and. Directly to the Terms & Disclosures and Privacy Policy it out with a syrup. Most often used in place of powdered sugar, the longer you use Truvia Cane sugar blend, so last. Tasting than store bought brands where i live comment above this much erythritol per serving cause stomach issues makeup. Simmer or try a different no-calorie sweetener the better because it has zero impact blood! And McCormick maple extract, and the ingredient amounts will show ) 4.82 from 55 votes let’s jump the! Cups each of monk fruit sweetener with water 0 net carbs and zero calories also. Pyure into my coffee grinder 1/4c at a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio low to medium-low heat the. Using erythritol and i have found strawberry flavoring that uses real maple extract, this seems pretty obvious, it. Better to make sugar-free pancake syrup to me i ran out i added a depth of flavor, too do... Keep your email address will not be published // Discovering the perfect way to the! Seller or manufacturer ( Olive Nation is great, the syrup are dark! Better to make keto simple syrup is a conundrum to me before using and it turned out amazing these keto... Are sweet monsters & exercise addicts but we want to thicken keto simple syrup recipe completely off!, truly mimics traditional maple syrup using another recipe i ’ ve found that monkfruit syrup spiked blood... Purple the other teal traditional sense do not affect blood sugar in the fridge for a powdered or granulated.!

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